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Functional Training

PT Mate helps you to manage your schedule, clients and staff

Rob runs a Crossfit/ Functional fitness gym with 4 Assistant coaches

Rob runs a Crossfit/ Functional fitness gym with 4 Assistant coaches

Rob's gym offers 3 morning classes 5am 6am and 9.30am, a noon class and 3 evening sessions 4.45, 5.30 and 6.30pm. His assistant coaches run most of the sessions, and run onboarding sessions for new members and personal training sessions.

Before PT Mate Rob would track all of his business manually and would lose track of a lot of the work while paying for expensive programming software for his coaches to view the daily programs and track member training performance that was hard to use.

Here's how PT Mate helps Rob stay on top of his business

Rob uploaded his entire member and sent out an invite to get all of his members connected.

With PT Mate his members received an email, downloaded their Member App and created an account. They can still view and book into sessions, update and track training performance, comment and rate sessions and communicate with the coaches effortlessly.

For Rob's assistant coaches they were all assigned to the classes they ran and can access and view the programming from their web portals or their mobile apps.

Members can update their training results from either the portal after sessions - which is how they did prior to PT Mate OR could update their training results from their own Members App throughout or after the session, saving people having to line up after the session to upload their training results.

With PT Mate's Public trial session page, Rob receives new member trial session requests in which they would then go through 3 session onboarding sessions run by one of the other assistant coaches.

With the public trial page Rob can collect, contact and convert new prospective members, then invite them to connect and assign a coach to run their onboarding sessions.

All of the gym's membership billing is automated and members can view their membership receipts from their Member App/Portal, And for any purchases like recovery drinks, protein, merch etc.

Rob can open his app and quickly and effortlessly process a payment on the spot.

Everything is in one place, if I ever need assistance PT Mate is local so I can speak to someone all throughout the day and I no longer lose track of any of my business!

Your data is safe with us

Your data is safe with us

At PT Mate, we believe in individual freedom and ownership. Being the sole custodian of your own data is fundamental to keeping your independence, which is why your business and clients' data is yours and yours only. We will never sell your data to third parties or allow any actors to use it for their own benefit. This is a promise to all our customers that stands now and will always stand.

Hi, I'm Melony, one of the co-founders of PT Mate

Melony from PT Mate

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