Logging Session Results

PT Mate makes it easy to keep track of your clients' progress. You can log your session results while in session with your clients or update them in a quiet moment any time after the session finished.

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Step 1

Run block by block

Follow PT Mate's guidance to run the session, one block at a time.

Step 2

Block finished

Once you finish a block, an overlay is displayed allowing you to enter the results. Depending on the exercise, you can enter reps, distance and weight used.

Step 3

Save your results

Tap save to save the results and move to the next block. You can also skip logging the results and return to update them after the session.

Update results after the session

Step 4

Client details

In your client details screen, access the session you want to edit from your session history. Note that only sessions of the last 30 days are displayed.

Step 5

Tap the program

In the session summary, tap the program to enter the session log. Note that the session must have been attended. Learn how to manage session attendance.

Step 6

Session log

This is the summary of your session. Tap Edit results on the block you want to modify. Once you're done, tap Update results. Your changes are being saved immediately.

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