Create a session program

Learn how to create a program from scratch so you can save it as a template and use it in a client session or send to your clients.

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Step 1

Program list

Tap on the + icon on the top right to create a new program.

Step 2


Programs are divided into meaningful blocks. Each block has at least one exercise, and you can specify its type and modality.

Step 3

Block type

Tap the dropdown to select the block type so you can easily identify where you're at in your session.

Step 4


PT Mate offers six common modalities for each block - from AMRAP over Tabata to free weights sets without time component. Each modality comes with specific options.

Step 5

Add exercises

Tap the button to add exercises to the block. You can select multiple exercises in the overlay.

Step 6

Rearrange exercises

Tap Reorder and rearrange the exercises by dragging them up and down (iOS only).

Step 7

Define reps & weight

Tap each exercise to set its desired reps and weight (% of client's 1 rep max). The app will give you the correct weight (in kg) for each client once you run the session.

Step 8

Add more blocks

Tap the button to add another block to the program and follow the above steps to set it up.

Step 9

Save the program

Once you're happy with the program, tap the button to save it. Note that PT Mate doesn't auto save your progress while your editing.

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