Sending Programs

Send your clients the programs you created so they can do them on their own.

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Step 1

1. Select a program

Go to your Programming section and select a program from your list.

Step 2

2. Tap the share icon

Tap the share icon in the top right corner to open the share overlay.

Step 3

3. Select your clients

Select the clients your want to send the program to. Only clients that have the app installed and have connected with you will be shown.

Step 4

4A. Selecting on iOS

Selected clients will have a tick on the right. Once you selected all the clients, tap the button on the bottom.

Step 5

4B. Selecting on Android

Once you select a client, the program gets send to them immediately.

Step 6

Re-sending programs

You can re-send programs to your clients at any time. It will update the program on the client's side.

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