How do I run a client session?

PT Mate is designed to assist you running your 1:1 and group sessions so you can focus on your clients rather than admin tasks. Learn how to run sessions and how to log your clients' results to keep track of their progress.

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Step 1

Start your session

From 30 min before session start, you can start your session from the details screen.

Step 2

Session overview

This gives you an overview over your session, divided into meaningful blocks. Past blocks, the next block and upcoming so you get a good idea where you're at at any time.

Step 3

Start the first block

Tap Start this block to start the session. It will be marked automatically as attended.

Step 4

Run the block

PT Mate will display a screen corresponding to your block type. Either a timer or a screen to log your reps (No Time). In any case, you can tap the screen to count your client's reps.

Step 5

Save block results

Once finished, you can log the block's results in an overlay or you can skip this step. In either case, you can edit the results any time after the session finished.

Step 6

Follow the guide

Repeat the above steps until the session is complete. To exit the session, tap the button.

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