Managing Programs

Programs are a key part of your business and PT Mate's workflow. Get an overview of programming and how to make use of it in your sessions.

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Step 1

Programming screen

Here's a list of your programs you can either attach to your client sessions or send to your clients. The number indicates how long it will approximately take to do the program.

Step 2

Create a program

From your list, you can create new programs to use in various sessions. Alternatively, you can create programs specifically for the session. Here's how.

Step 3

Test your program

You can test your programs from within the details screen before assigning them to a session. Results won't be tracked.

Step 4

Run a session

Run your sessions from within the app by assigning programs to them. Learn more here.

Send programa

Send programs

Send programs to your clients so they can do them in their own training sessions and log their results for you to review. Here's how.

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