You can chat with your clients directly through the app. All it takes is for them to download PT Mate and connect with you.

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Step 1

Overview screen

A notification on your Overview page indicates if you have unread messages with a client. Tap it to enter the chat.

Step 2

Client list

On the Clients page, there's a list with all available chats (clients connected to you). A dot next to your client's image indicates unread messages in the chat.

Step 3

Client details & Session

You can access the chat through your client details page and 1:1 session details to message them directly.

Step 4

Chat Overview

You can send text messages and images in a chat, displayed in a timeline. Messages will be deleted after 30 days.

Step 5

Message templates

You can create message templates in your profile (e.g. to send session updates). In your chat, tap the + icon and select the template you wish to use. This saves you time writing the same message over and over again.

Contact list


Tap the + icon (iOS) or camera icon (Android) to either take a picture or select an existing photo from your library.

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