Creating Group Sessions

PT Mate allows you to run both 1:1 and group sessions. Learn how to create group sessions and edit them.

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Create a new session

Step 1

1. Go to Calendar

Open the side menu and go to the calendar section.

Step 2

2. Go to New Session

Tap on the + icon in the top right corner Then tap the Group tab. On Android, select Group Session.

Step 3

3. Attendees

You can't select attendees upfront. You can select them when you start the session.

Step 4

4. Select date and time

Tap Select date and time. A native datepicker will open allowing you to select date and time.

Step 5

5. Confirmation

If you don't have any conflicting events the icon will turn green, indicating that the time slot is available. Otherwise, it'll turn red and an error message will appear.

Step 7

6. Select duration

Tap a button to select the session duration. Select Other to specify a custom session length. If the session overlaps with another event, you'll be notified by an error message.

Step 7

7. Add notes

You can add notes to your session (e.g. to remind you that a client has an injury or might be running late). Notes are only be visible to you.

Step 8

8. Add a program

If you plan on running your session through the app, you need to add a program. Learn how to do so here.

Edit a session

Step 1

1. Open the session

Tap on the session, either on your home screen or in the Calendar section.

Step 2

2. Edit the session

Tap the edit icon (iOS) or button on the bottom to edit (Android). Note that you can only edit session up until 30 min before it's due.

Step 2

3. Edit details

You can change the session date and time, it's assigned program, duration and notes at any time before 30 min before the session.

Step 2

4. Save changes

Once you're done, tap the Save Changes button. Your clients will be notified about the changes automatically.

Step 2

Assign a program

You can assign a program to the session any time, no need to edit it. Alternatively, you can create a program just for the session.

Step 2

Edit the program

You can edit the assigned program of the session by tapping on it. The changes will only affect the session's program.

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