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Learn about PT Mate's features and get yourself set up so you can get the most out of the app. Start saving admin time and stay on top of your clients' sessions, payments and compliance.

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Step 1

Your daily summary

On your Overview screen, you can see everything that matters at a glance: Sessions today, client updates and notifications.

Step 2

Sessions & clients

All upcoming sessions today are listed on top. Tap to access them. Below, you can see clients that require your attention: Pending payments, assessments or new messages waiting for you.

Step 3


Anything else that needs your attention is listed here: Connection requests, low session balance, subscription updates, etc.


Step 1

The core of your business

Clients are the core of your business. Start by creating your first client. Here's how.

Step 2


You can chat with connected clients directly through the app.

Step 3

Client details

This is your control centre for your client. Everything you need to know you can find here. Learn more


Step 1

Calendar views

In your calendar, you can see your sessions in the daily view or an overview in the monthly view. Different colours indicate different session lengths.

Step 2

Create a session

After you created your first client, it's time to run a session with them. Here you can learn how.

Step 3

Group sessions

PT Mate allows you to run group sessions as well. It's very similar to 1:1 sessions. Learn more

Step 4

Assign a program

Assign a program to your session to be able to run it while you're with your client. Learn more

Step 5

Run a session

Run your session and let PT Mate assists you so you can focus on your client. This allows you to log resuls and keep track of your client's progress. Learn more

Step 6

Session attendance

PT Mate keeps track of your client's session attendance and allows you to be on top of your client's packs and payments effortless.


Step 1

Program pool

Create programs to use as templates and assign them to your sessions to run them. Learn more

Step 2

Meaningful blocks

Programs are divided into meaningful blocks. Each block has at least one exercise, and you can specify its type and modality.

Step 3

Add exercises

Tap the button to add exercises to the block. You can select multiple exercises in the overlay.


Step 1

Enable payments

Enable payments through the app to charge your clients directly and create your packs and direct debits. Learn more

Step 2

Create your products

Create your products, whether packs of sessions or direct debits for recurring payments. Learn more

Step 3

Charge your clients

Charge your clients directly through the app by accepting card payments. Learn more

Useful tools

Step 1


PT Mate has different timers you can use whether you're in session or not. You can also save favourite timers for quick access.

Step 2

% Calculator

Easily calculate percentages of weights by simply typing the weight you're starting from. The app calculates common percentages on the fly.

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