Setting Up Billing

Get your self set up with Stripe and enable payments so you can charge your clients directly through the app. More information about Stripe can be found at

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Step 1

1. Go to Billing

Open the side menu and go to the Billing section.

Step 2

2. Tap Enable Payments

You need to provide your details to Stripe to enable payments. Tap the button to get started.

Step 3

3. Fill out your details

All fields with * are mandatory. Please provide your address details for invoicing.

Step 4

4. Add a bank account

Add your bank account details here. All major banks are supported by the platform.

Step 5

5. Accept Stripe's terms

Tick the box to accept Stripe's Terms and Conditions. Tap Enable Payments and wait. The processing might take a moment.

Step 6

6. Payments enabled

Once completed, you get a confirmation screen and you're now ready to receive payments through the app. To start, you need to create products.

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