Setting Up Direct Debits

Once you enabled payments through the app, you can create direct debits for your clients and receive automatic recurring payments. Learn here how to create a direct debit on behalf of your client using your Trainer App.

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Step 1

1. Go to Billing

Open the side menu and go to the billing section.

Step 2

2. Create a direct debit

Tap on the + icon in the top right corner to create a new direct debit.

Step 3

3. Select a client

Select the client you want to set it up for.

Step 4

4. Select a product

Select the product you want your client to subscribe to. Note that only direct debits are displayed.

Step 5

5. Fill out the card details

Fill out your client's card details and tap Pay with Card. If this isn't the first time you charge this client, you can use their saved card instead.

Step 6

6. Confirmation

Setting up the direct debit might take a moment as PT Mate communicates with Stripe. Once done, the direct debit will appear in your list where you can access it if you need to modify or cancel it.

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