Respond to a request

Connect with your clients by accepting their requests. This allows you to direct message them through the app, send programs and keep them in the loop about their sessions and payments.

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Step 1

1. Go to Overview

Open the side menu and go to the Overview section.

Step 2

2. Check your notifications

All client requests are listed on top of your notifications. Tap on the client you want to connect to.

Step 3

3. Select an option

In the overlay, select whether you want to create a new client or link to an existing one.

Step 4

4A. Create a new client

This will create a new client in your list. All details are automatically copied from your client, including pre-existing assessments with other trainers.

Step 5

4B. Link to existing client

This opens the list of your existing clients that are not connected yet. Select the one you want to connect to and continue. All details will automatically be updated, including pre-existing assessments with other trainers.

Step 7

5. Client notification

Your client will be notified about the connection via their app.

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