Managing Clients

Your clients are the centre of your business, and of the app. Get and overview of PT Mate's client management features.

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Clients page

Here you can find a list of all your clients Different coloured bullets indicate actions: Blue - Upcoming session today, Red - Pending payment, Green - Pending assessment. On the Messaging tab, you can chat with your connected clients.

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Overview page

Clients that require your attention are listed in the clients section. The coloured bullets indicate what kind of action needs to be taken. Clients with upcoming session are displayed in the Today section.

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Client details

There are 3 tabs that give you an overview over the client. Sessions shows you upcoming and past sessions so you can access them directly.

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This tab shows you upcoming and past sessions (both with you and training sessions the client did on their own) so you can access them directly. They are archived after 30 days.

Step 5


This tab shows you past assessments and allows you to create new ones. You can also access the training progress from here.

Contact list


You can edit a client's details (if not connected) and delete them. You can also send SMS and emails to your clients if you need to.

Step 4

Packs & Direct Debits

From your details page, you can access the packs overview page. Here you can see if they're up to date with their payments or if any action is required. This feature is only enabled when you enable payments through the app

Step 4


You can send your connected clients programs they can do in their own time. You can then access the session results in their details page. Learn how to send programs here.

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