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Need help to get set up with PT Mate Client App? Here you can find tutorials and a first steps to get you started.

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Connect with your trainer

Step 1

Overview page

On your overview page, tap Add a trainer to open the connection dialog.

Step 2

Enter the trainer's details

Enter your trainer's email address and phone number and tap Find my trainer. The app will then search the database.

Step 3

Add the trainer

If successful, the app will display your trainer's details. If it's the trainer you're looking for, tap Add this trainer.

Step 4


A confirmation dialog will appear. In order to connect, your trainer must accept your request on their end.

Step 5

Request accepted

You'll get a notification once your trainer accepted your request. You're now connected with them.

Run a training session

Step 4

Go to training

Go to the Training section and tap on the program you want to do in your Programs tab.

Step 4

Start a training session

In the program details, tap Start training session. You'll be redirected to the session screen.

Step 4

Start the first block

Tap Start this block to start the session. You'll be redirected to the timer or sets screen (depending on the block type).

Step 4

Log your results

Once finished, you can log the block's results in an overlay or you can skip this step. In either case, you can edit the results any time after the session finished.

Step 4

Follow the guide

Repeat the above steps until the session is complete. To exit the session, tap the button.

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