Assessments & Progress

Create assessments to keep track of your clients' progress. You can see the change in each assessment compared to the last one on the right side.

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Step 1

1. Go to a client's details

Select the client you want to create the assessment for.

Step 2

2. Navigate to Progress

Go to the Progress tab (second tab). There you'll find a box that leads you to your client's progress (sessions, weights, training) and a list of assessments below (if any).

Step 3

3. Add an assessment

You can either use the button on the top, or tap New Assessment to create a new assessment.

Step 4

4. Add a photo

You can take a picture of your client to have a visual reference of their progress, or attach one from your photo library..

Step 5

5. Fill out the form

All details are optional, so you can leave them empty if you don't have the data at hand. You can edit and update your assessment any time.

Step 6

6. Save changes

Tap the button on the bottom to save your changes. You'll return to the previous screen.

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