Streamline your business administration

Use PT Mate in every aspect of your business and save precious time on admin to spend it with your clients instead. PT Mate gives you the tools to streamline your administration and allows you to focus on growing your business.

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Streamline your business administration
Manage your own calendar

Work together

PT Mate allows you to invite other trainers to help you run your sessions, log your clients' progress and help you organise your business. As an assistant trainer, you can switch between your own business and your connected trainer's at any moment.

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Make paperwork a thing of the past

Send your clients important documents to sign, such as payments forms and health assessments, and store them securely in PT Mate so you can access them any time.

Everything in one place

Features to administer your business

Client management

Assistant trainers

Assistant trainers help you run sessions and have access to all your client details and training schedule.

Session booking & preview


Assign trainers to 1:1 and group sessions and keep track of your clients' attendance.

Session attendance

Session attendance

By running your sessions, PT Mate automatically logs your clients' attendance and updates their packs of sessions.

Log your results

Logging results

Assistant trainers can log reps and weights per block, either while running it or once the block is finished.

Document storage

Document storage

Store important documents, such as payment forms, and download templates so you don't have to worry about creating them yourself.

Progress analysis

Progress analysis

Analyse your clients' progress and help them reach their goals when running sessions. Insights help you to draw the right conculsions.

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