The personal assistant for personal trainers

Designed by PT’s, for PT’s, PT Mate has everything you need to run your business hassle-free. Forget about spreadsheets, manually tracking payments and the headache of organising client sessions. Provide a professional, one-to-one, personalized coaching experience that scales.

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Designed with your workflow in mind

Designed with your workflow in mind

PT Mate gives you the tools to streamline your workflow and become a more successful personal trainer. Focus on your clients and growing your business instead of wasting time on repetitve admin tasks. Thanks to its intuitive interface and innovative features, PT Mate is the personal assistant for your business you've always wanted.

Preparation &
On site
with clients
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PT Mate is the only software for in-session use

Next generation in-session features

One of PT Mate's core functionalities is the ability to set up and run sessions through the mobile apps. Assign a program to the session and run it while your with your client. The app takes care of everyting you need, from dividing the session into meaninful blocks over running timers to logging results, so you can focus on your client and save time manually analysing your sessions afterwards.

your clients
PT Mate is your business in your pocket

Your business in your pocket

PT Mate's mobile app gives you the flexibility to access its powerful features anytime and anywhere. Create programs, charge clients, set up sessions, analyse client progress and review payments whereever you are. Everything you need to organise your business is just a fingertip away.

Payments, Direct Debits and Client Billing at your fingertips

The Billing section gives you an overview over the financial part of your business. Cash flow, pending payments and direct debits. Create and manage your packs of sessions and direct debits from within the app, powered by Stripe.

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Save tons of admin time and focus on your clients

Client sessions made easy

Client sessions made easy

PT Mate is designed to facilitate client sessions and help you run them so you won’t have to switch between multiple apps and loose track of your client’s progress.

Advanced progress tracking

Advanced progress tracking

Extensive analytics and automated reports on client progress, assessments and workouts allow you to keep track of your clients’ goals and ensure your training success.

Automated payments

Automated payments

Charge your clients directly through the app. You can create individual packs and sessions or set up subscription plans to automate your payments.

Create workouts in an instant

Create programs in an instant

PT Mate’s intuitive interface allows you to create custom tailored programs in minutes and use them in your training sessions or send them to your clients.

Huge bank of exercises

Huge bank of exercises

Create workouts, selecting from our huge list of exercises, or create your own ones. That way, you keep your training sessions diverse and engaging.

Direct messaging

Direct messaging

Stay in touch with your clients through the app and help them with their routines and questions. Automated messages help you both to be on top of training sessions.

Anywhere, on any device

Anywhere, on any device

The PT Mate mobile apps help you on site with clients while our responsive website facilitates the administration side of your business.

Free 45 days trial

Free 45 days trial

No commitment. Try PT Mate with all its features for free for 45 days. Sign up in just 2 minutes and take your time deciding whether it’s for you or not.

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PT Mate grows with your business




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  • 10 clients
  • 40 workouts



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or $279/year Save $55.80
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited workouts
  • Create your own exercises

You can try the platform and all of its features for free for 45 days. No limitations and no hidden fees or contracts.

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It was taking me almost 3 hours a week just to go through all of my booking and sending out reminders. Since I have starting using PT Mate I have been able to get a lot of my time back.
- Chloe Horrigan, Personal Trainer
There hasn’t been an app that I have found in the time I’ve worked as a personal trainer that runs as smoothly and has so many capabilities. Really smooth and user friendly!
- Pete Chapple, PT Core Coach